SPC (Salmon Pond Club) 2014 “5th" Field Report

NYS Regular Big Game Season (November 22nd & 23rd 2014)


Hello to all:


This is the SPC "5th" “Field Report” for the 2014 season. This will be the last "Field Report" for this 2014 season. This is the last SPC sponsored (cook in camp) weekend. For the last two weekends, if you go iinto camp, you will have to supply your own meals. This seasons "Field Reports" have been issued by Jim Whitney.


Head Count


There was a total of 12 in Camp Saturday, that includes the cook, Peter A and his assistants Unlce Dick and Skip. This is the lowest head count that we have seen for "Prime Rib Weekend"


Sightings & Harvest


As of this time, the score for this season is SPC - 1, big game loosing.


After five weekends (15 long hard days), our best hunter, Stevie G connected at about 8:15 this morning. Stevie was the only hunter out this morning. He shot a very nice Adirondack Buck, 7 pointer about 140#, way back in the 4A valley. Stevie has been hunting and tracking some bucks where he shot this one all season. He says that there are some real "Slammers" still back there.


That a go Stevie. 


Other members, Garth, Rusty, Jay, Bob C, and Dave Sim. did see a lot tracks, scrapes and beds in the fresh snow. John McD. did see a nice doe Saturday on Salmon Pond Ridge.


Dave Sim. set a couple of "have a heart" traps Saturday night for the Pine Marten, but he did not have any luck.




Matt did all the meal planning and shopping for this weekend, but he was not able to attend due to the death of Laurie's grandmother. We are all very sorry for you loss Laurie and Matt.


Peter Aust took over for Matt and he did an excellent job. Uncle Dick helped out with the breakfasts and Skip helped with the prime rib dinner Saturday night, it was great. 


Peter made banana cream, chocolate cream, apple and pumpkin pies for deserts.


We had make your own turkey submarine sandwichs and SPC soup for Saturday's lunch. We also had home made snicker-doodle and chocolate chip cookies.


Our regular breakfasts were served, except we did have blueberrys in the pancakes on Saturday morning. 


Matt had sent spaghetti and meat balls for Sunday's lunch, but because only 4 guy were in camp, they had leftovers.


We all want to thank Matt for a great job that he did this season.


Poker Action


Peter and Uncle Dick were winners Friday night, and Bob C and Skip were winners Saturday night. A good time was had by all.




There was 6" of snow on the ground and cool, 9 degrees, Saturday morning.


New Tricks & Games Learned


We started something new. Saturday was "Honorary Member Apprecition Day". Kenny B was the first recipient and we all tried to make his day special. Peter A cooked him a chocolate pie and everyone watched their language around Kenny. 




Attached is a picture of Stevie and his 7 point buck.


News and Infro


We did very good at conserving gas this year, we tried to run the generator at a minimum. 


If you think of it, please bring in a roll of paper towels and toilet paper, it helps us keep our inventory up. Also it helps if you can bring in some gasoline, 2.5 gallons would be great.


Enjoy and Keep Safe & Enjoy The Up-coming Holidays